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About Game Server Portal

We’ve seen many sites pop up over the years looking to compare game server hosting prices. However these where not always up to date and limited on information. Or simply wanted to throw you to the hosting site without providing you with complete information. Then you find out the price was wrong in the basket when you got there. This just waits your time.

This is where Game Server Portal comes in!

We work directly with hosting providers to provide the ultimate game server hosting directory and comparison site. Complete with games, prices, server specifications and more. With as much gritty detail we can pull from the host to ensure that YOU the buyer can make an informed decisions on your game server hosting.

Our prices are pulled directly from the hosts and will be updated frequently to ensure accurate information is provided. There can be some errors so do check prior to purchasing directly with the host.

At the end of the day we have your time, your money and your best interests at heart when it comes to picking your game server hosting.

Popular Game Server Hosting Titles
Direct links to popular game server hosting pricing lists are provided for ease below. Think we should list something here? Get in touch!

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